Tricostar's Timebase Document Bundling/Archiving software is a 100% web-based solution that is available to any team that has a requirement to bundle large amounts of documents.

Typical Timebase document bundling software Users Include:

  • Procurement Teams bundling large amounts of documents for tender,
  • Contract & Legal teams where indexed contracts must be produced,
  • Planning applications,
  • Where there is any requirement to consolidate a large number of documents into one PDF,
  • Where you want to consolidate the communication history of a file into a pdf format for archiving.

Timebase document bundling software will automatically perform the re-indexing, re-sectioning and re-pagination of your bundles at the touch of a button. Very simply drag and drop documents from your network or desktop straight into the bundle at the point where you need it. Navigate easily between each section of the bundle. Add, Edit and Use an unlimited number of bundle templates for different types of bundle e.g. Contracts, Tender Packs etc. Keep a full revision and audit history of all bundles created and from start to finish.