Tricostar's Timebase corporate time recording software will give you the information you need to instantly know how resources are being used, where they can be used more effectively, where savings can be made and better justify bills to 3rd parties using your service departments.Timebase corporate time recording software monitors and controls resources for multiple users accessing the same or multiple projects, as well as providing time and activity billing (or recharging) with full client justification billing.

Timebase provides a ‘stop-watch’ style time recording facility to allow users to record their time as they are working. Users can begin to record time immediately at the touch of a button, and then once they have finished their task fill in the matter and activity detail, with fully functional Pause & Interrupt facilities. Users may record historic time or time spent away from the office. For those users who prefer to record all their time at once, they can easily do so by filling in a timesheet entry against each of the matters they have worked on, be it chargeable, non-chargeable or an expense or income activity. This can be done across a range of matters, acitivities and dates. Once you have completed your work, Timebase Time Recording allows you to raise an invoice and bill your clients for the work that has been completed; automatically saving an electronic copy of the bill back into the system.