Make calls and replay conversations directly 

from Sage CRM


SYNETY CloudCall Click transforms your CRM into a powerful communications system using state of the art Cloud technologies. 

CloudCall Click provides Sage CRM customers with improved productivity for their sales and support teams by allowing Click to Call and the ability to make call notes to prospects/contacts/customers. 

CloudCall Click enhances sales training and customer service by giving the ability to replace any phone conversation from within the contact record in Sage CRM. With call recording as standard for 3 months, all calls made through CloudCall Click can be retrieved at any point during this period. 

CloudCall Click is designed to work with any existing communications system. It can be used on any current PBX or landline infrastructure, meaning the current system can remain intact without change

CloudCall Click can quickly and efficiently be installed into the current applications of any business, allowing users to make phone calls directly from your CRM as well as record outgoing phone calls. 

Available for the latest Sage 7.2 update.

  What are the benefits?
 Initiate calls directly from your Sage CRM    Automatic logging of call recordings against contacts
 Play call recordings directly from your Sage CRM    Real-time Dashboard and reports showing your employees' activities
 Categorize calls and add call notes with automatic synchronisation    All employees' CloudCall Click data accessible to administrators via Portal

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£10 per user per month
Plus one-off set up charge for £20 per user.
Includes training and Premium technical support

 Wholesale call rates from 2p/min mobile 0.75p /min landline*    Future updates of CloudCall Click
 Click to Call capability    Real-time Dashboard
 Call Recording (up to 7 years storage)    Advanced Reporting
 CloudCall Click for Sage CRM    Premium technical support
 CloudCall Click for iPhone/Android      

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*Calls to O2, Vodafone, EE, T-Mobile, Orange, 3G. Mobile call setup charge of one pence. Calls rounded to the nearest penny. There are 2 legs to any call – inbound and outbound to our hosted CloudCall platform.