NEW: Self Service Calendar, Car Rental and Unit Booking System with real-time updates - LIVE DEMO
(Real-time updates means that when a user creates a new event or makes a change, it becomes visible immediately to all opened calendars/sessions . To test this feature open the calendar in multiple browsers)

Sked365 is a .NET web control that provides rich scheduling capabilities similar to those found in Outlook. Sked365 is powered with seamless Ajax loading and advanced drag-and-drop user experience. Besides scheduler, the add-on can easily create a unit booking calendar, a car rental or any other reservation system, even display events locations on your Google Map.




In addition to basic views (Day, Week, Month), the calendar can display events in Timeline, Agenda, Year, Grid and Multiple Resource views.





  • Ajax-powered (stay on the page while creating calendar entries)
  • In place/quick creation of new events with simple drag over the calendar or by double click
  • Highly customizable with modern look and feel
  • Multiple views (Day, Week, Month, Weekly Agenda, etc.)
  • Outlook style in Month and Year view
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface
  • Touch Support
  • Multilingual (25+ languages)
  • Live Updates! NEW - synchronous data update in real time. When a user creates a new event or makes a change, it becomes visible to all others immediately. Demo available



On the road map:

  • Google Calendar Integration - allows you to import/export calendar events to/from Google Calendar.
  • Google Maps Integration - allowing locating your events on the map.
  • Export to PDF/iCal - Calendar events can be exported to PDF or iCal
  • Integration with Outlook - Calendar data can be imported/exported to/from Outlook Calendar

Sked365 is compatible with Sage CRM v7.1 onwards.

Click here for more information and screenshots.

Download setup file

Live CRM demo available: 

Self service calendar, unit booking and car rental

Please send email to info[at] for login details