As well as lots of Outbound functionality CloudCall Contact Centre also offers inbound functionality to its users.

Simple Screen Popping:

SYNETY CloudCall Contact Centre provides advanced inbound calling features. With the CloudCall Screen Pop feature agents can now receive pop up alerts when they have an incoming call. This is done by automatically selecting the correct CRM record for an incoming call.

Your CRM now has native screen popping.
Increase productivity.
Better quality customer service.
Saves agents time.
Consistent workflows can be created and triggered through your CRM System.
Make call notes on incoming calls.
All inbound calls are recorded.
Brings voice into your reporting system.
No extra software required.

CloudCall CRM Sync:

Automatic synchronisation of inbound and outbound call records categories and recordings into your CRM system.

Provides complete tracking of all calls into the organisation.
Ensures companies are compliant.
Call Recording on inbound and outbound calls.
Play back your call recordings made through any managed device (including mobiles).
Consolidates reporting of all company activities using Microsoft Dynamics.
Provides a consistent approach to un-identified and un-allocated calls.

Pause and Un-pause Call Recordings:

CloudCall PCI Call Recording offers the functionality of being able to pause and un-pause call recording mid-call.

Provides the ability for companies to be
Provides the ability for companies to be PCI compliant whilst using call recording.
No equipment required.
PCI call recording is available as a rented cloud service.
Protect sensitive credit card and password data.
No additional CAPEX required.
Fast easy and cost effective.
Guarantees companies compliance using existing CRM Workflows.