April 2016 Community Updates

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April 2016 Community Updates

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I take part in a monthly call about the Community with Sage colleagues from all around the world.  The thought struck me that much of what we discuss may be of interest to everyone who uses the Community and wants to get the most out of the software.  This then is the first of what I hope will be come a regular monthly review of what has happened in and around the Community and the eLearning platform.

The first thing to tell you is that the Help Center (http://help.sagecrm.com) has been updated to add new materials to support the release of Sage CRM 7.3 sp2.  The Help Center is becoming the central point for all help and user assistance. It is important that everyone, partners and customers know about this.  Here you can see the new version of help is ready to be accessed.

Note: It’s a good idea to clear the browser cache when visiting the site to make sure that all the new menu options are shown.

Something that is very special is the addition of an additional Troubleshooting guide.

This new guide brings all the information needed to solve hard configuration problems and edge cases into a simple to access guide.  This is all about giving partners and customers a much better experience.

My colleagues in the The User Assistance (UA) team have also started to add new workbooks that guide customers through specific tasks. The UA team have used customer feedback to make sure that any complex work that needs to be done can be stepped through in a clear and easy to understand manner.  

The workbooks can be downloaded from the community. (You shouldn't need to be logged in to access these - if you find you can't get hold of these then contact sagecrmteam@sage.com).

The new workbooks are rich in new diagrams that explain the process and the work that needs to be done to achieve the task in hand. I think they are beautiful!

More workbooks are being written and these will follow shortly.

I think the next ones will be about Exchange Integration and working with Interactive Dashboards.

This work is all focussed improving the information available to partners and colleagues so that customers can get the best experience from Sage CRM.

These new diagrams (and there are fresh and updated training diagrams too that I am working on) will be added to the Community as a download option during May. Once they are available you can feel free to use them in your own presentations and training materials – these would be ideal for internal training.

There a have been a host of new resources added in to the Community in April that match peoples' different learning styles.

We have new videos added this month on using the new Sage CRM templates for Sage Enterprise Intelligence and new videos to support the use of the Sage CRM Connector for Sage 200.

There are new blog articles – not everyone likes watching videos, some learners need to see the text written down.

And we've made sure all the new blog articles compliment the training videos on the video channel.

If you are a member of the Developer Program or a Sage Colleague then you should have received an email announcing a new cycle of updated training for the Developer Program. It is all updated for Sage CRM 7.3 sp2 and matches the message of Sage CRM as providing the Sales, Marketing and Service modules for Sage BMS products.

There are 21 live instructor led lessons starting on the 5th May. They are suitable for anyone working with Sage CRM in the capacity of an implementer, support professional, presales engineer or an advanced system administrator.

  • (5th May 2016) DP01 2016 Sage CRM 7.3 Introduction
  • (6th May 2016) EZ01 2016 How to write views for Sage CRM
  • (10th May 2016) DP02 2016 Sage CRM 7.3 Entities and the Data Model - 1
  • (11th May 2016) DP03 2016 Sage CRM 7.3 Entities and the Data Model - 2
  • (12th May 2016) EZ02 2016 An Introduction to JavaScript in Sage CRM
  • (17 May 2016) DP04 2016 Sage CRM 7.3 Implementing Screen Based Rules - 1
  • (18th May 2016) DP05 2016 Sage CRM 7.3 Implementing Screen Based Rules - 2
  • (24th May 2016) DP06 2016 Sage CRM 7.3 Validation Rules and Table and Entity Level Scripts
  • (25th May 2016) DP07 2016 Sage CRM 7.3 Workflow - 1
  • (26th May 2016) DP08 2016 Sage CRM 7.3 Workflow - 2
  • (31st May 2016) EZ03 2016 An Introduction to Scripting Pages and the SDK resources
  • (1st June 2016) DP09 2016 Sage CRM 7.3 ASP Pages - 1
  • (7th June 2016) DP10 2016 Sage CRM 7.3 ASP Pages - 2
  • (8th June 2016) DP11 2016 Sage CRM 7.3 Component Manager
  • (9th June 2016) DP12 2016 Sage CRM 7.3 Advanced Email Manager
  • (14th June 2016) DP13 2016 Sage CRM 7.3 SOAP WebServices -1
  • (15th June 2016) DP14 2016 Sage CRM 7.3 SOAP WebServices -2
  • (16 June 2016) DP15 2016 Sage CRM 7.3 Self Service - 1
  • (21st June 2016) DP16 2016 Sage CRM 7.3 Self Service -2
  • (22nd June 2016) DP17 2016 Sage CRM 7.3 .NET API - 1
  • (23rd June 2016) DP18 2016 Sage CRM 7.3 .NET API - 2

You can book on the courses by following the link below. (You will need to be signed on with developer rights).


If you have any problems finding these then contact sagecrmteam@sage.com or put a comment below.


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